Virtual Interviewing


Interviewing has switched almost exclusively to virtual, especially for associate searches.  Partner processes are largely being conducted virtually as well, although some firms are getting creative in setting up key meetings, socially distanced in partners’ driveways or at a local park.  Candidates are receiving offers and starting remotely, without ever visiting their newly joined firm. 


How to prepare for virtual interviews?  As with traditional in-person interviews or phone screens, rehearsing is the most important preparation.  Ideally, have a friend or family member or your recruiter run you through a mock interview and do not break character.  If a mock interviewer is not available (or to supplement), practice articulating answers to common questions aloud.  You will get sharper each time.   Also, make sure to test your Zoom software prior to the interview and assess lighting so that you do not appear to be in witness protection. 


How to dress for virtual interviews?  My mother’s maxim that it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed still holds.  However, virtual interviews appear to have ushered in an entirely different level of “business casual,” with reports of interviewers wearing ball caps and t-shirts.   In this environment, a dress shirt or blouse seems appropriate, with the possible addition of a jacket out of an abundance of caution; a tie is likely overkill at present.

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